Is there any way of coming back from such a bad act?

Most people in the world are so disgusted with themselves from things that they are not so proud of due to the way they have acted in times past.  But, here’s a hint….it’s the past.

As humans we are the most critical of ourselves and in reality we are our greatest abusers! There will be times where we are paranoid, thinking that everyone knows our dirty little secret, not feeling worthy of being in the light of God and that we should rot in hell.   This is what the devil wants!  If you are finding yourself with these types of feelings, then it is up to you to look towards God to get you rid of this rugged state of mind.  There is nothing that any human can do for you, because humans will always let you down, humans will always judge us.  The only person that is perfect is Jesus!  None of us have time on this earth for people to validate us.  It is really ashame to hear of the many people that have committed suicide in order to rid themselves from such self-inflicted depression. 

If any of you have had an affair and are looking to get it turned around, please post and I will gladly assist you in getting in the right direction.  Trust me all marriages can survive an affair if our own pride is thrown out of the window and we let God be the motivator of our lives.  Even if you disagree I would like to hear from you.  Also, be on the lookout for my next novel, “How Do I Get Out of Here?”

2 thoughts on “Is there any way of coming back from such a bad act?

  1. brinkmanship says:

    Okay. I’m not sure about what is means to be “getting in the right direction” but I’m curious what you’re looking for? Tearful confession? Not my schtick, and I’m a bit burned by the whole religion thing, but what’s up?

  2. thewritingreverend says:

    Well, the religion thing is personal and a sense of faith in my view. On the other hand what I am looking for is people out there to let me know how they have taken steps to turn their lives around. I’ve been there before and couldn’t be happier now and no tearful confessions are never a safe way to go. But if you are interested in learning more check out my book

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