For the last couple of years this whole daylight savings thing has been kicking me in the butt. For whatever reason I really just don’t get the point. I like the fact that I get to sleep in an extra hour one day every year, but this Spring thing has done me in over and over again. Maybe that’s why I’m up now blogging instead of sleeping. My wife and I have taken the conscience effort to get back in shape and we are currently on week 3. Usually we’ll be diligent for a week,  take a week off and repeat until the summer. Then we realize that since we didn’t do anything previously we are more ashamed in the summer.

The run this evening needed to happen for a couple of reasons today:

1. We haven’t ran in some time. At least not outside the treadmill or house

2. It was 70degrees here in Ohio; which is unheard of during the month of March

3. We already took a day off; It’s never a good idea to take the day off two times in a row. That’s when you get comfortable and when I get comfortable I don’t want anything to disturb that at all costs!

4. I ate like a slob on Friday and Saturday. Seriously I feel like I gained at least 3 pounds in my gut just from pizza, fries, and whatever good tasting carb is out there. So business had no choice but to be taken care of today at an exponential rate.

After the run I felt like the following:

1. Ego boosted, because there weren’t a lot people out there running this evening so that meant while I was training someone else was just getting fatter. In turn, I look more fit.

2. A great to spend quality time with my wife. With seven kids to care for it really doesn’t come all that easy. But we work it better than most people that have one child. We’re pros!

3. Helps me get extremely tired and mellows me out. Referring back to my earlier point; with seven kids I am yelling every few minutes. So when I’m tired, the little things don’t become too stressful…at all.

4. Helps me think clearly. Or, it helped me remember all of the bills that I have to pay this coming week, before I head out of town. Later on that venture coming up.

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