Let Me Tell You About Stress

In my younger days I used to get all bent out of shape due to some sort of stress that I didn’t have any control over whatsoever. I used to lose sleep, yell at those closest to me, and stop at nothing that came in my way just to unleash my fury that I was feeling. IMHO, it takes so much more energy to do those things.

My father gave me some advice a long time ago and this is what he told me. “After 5pm you might as well go to sleep, because there is nothing that you can do after 5pm.” I always wondered how he could deal with four baby mamas and not have a heart attack or a case of domestic violence. In a nutshell he just doesn’t take things too seriously.

I met a friend who had a couple of court cases going on and all we did was laugh over lunch at Panera Bread about it. I told him that’s just the attitude you need to have. After all…if he really did something wrong, then he would have something to worry about. But, I could tell from the way he used to respond to things about how his life would sometimes turn out not so good. How do I know? Because his wife would call me for a counseling session about how they would go through it and the drama would almost seem never ending. Now when she flips out on him he sits back and laughs all along while correcting the problems she had at hand.

Stress’ job description is to inflict pressure in your brain so that you can just think about it and continually deplete your faith and health. Don’t let that happen.. Then you will be reenacting scenes from “Platoon” with Charlie Sheen..Don’t reenact scenes from “Platoon” with Charlie Sheen.

Some things you just have to let go and in some cases you need to be smart enough to let some things go. For the last five years this has helped me immensely. I am surprised by how many people in the world are just depressed at what in most cases, “Corporate America” throws at them. Like I said before…let some things go. I don’t care what it is or how big you may think it is. Sometimes, as human beings we have the tendency to make the anticipation larger than the event. Don’t give a situation anymore power than it deserves. Especially when it doesn’t involve living in your own house! We worry about so many things outside of the home that we neglect what is going on in our own space.

It’s sad to say, but some people think that they are too big for God and that they can handle it all by themselves. All I gotta say is..How’s that working out for ya. You might want to get those knees dirty and look up graciously. Worked for me and I am more than sure it would work for you. God Bless and tell stress a little joke while your at it.

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