Why watch people make money when I can do it myself?

One day last week I spent entirely too much time watching television. Some know it to be commonly referred to as the “idiot box”. As I was somehow stuck to the set of uninteresting scripts and movie flashes I suddenly became disgusted with myself. I just couldn’t believe that I was wasting that much time trying to find myself get entertained.

Consequently, it dawned on me. Why in the world would I just sit here and watch people make money and not make it myself instead. I mean I make a pretty decent living off of the few books that I wrote. But, at some point I would need to come out with some new products. I don’t want to be seen or known as the one hit wonder of the book industry. Think about it. Everyone on that television set is getting paid at some point or another and even the music publishers are making money from the music that we always hear in commercials. I was always amazed at the way that some people took off from work just to watch the Superbowl a Concert, etc. Consequently, the end up watching someone else make money and they spent all of their own hard earned money. 

I hate the way that I get caught up into a bunch of nothing and then I ‘m mad at myself for letting the catastrophe go on for so long. In turn it results in low production, and no results. With that said check out a video by my favorite hip- hop artist Lecrae.


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