My issue with Generation “TEXT”

Lately I have become more and more disgusted with the poor grammar inherited by our kids. It’s no wonder that the United States has a kids dropping out of school every 26 seconds. Honestly, the standards are so low now that I had to wonder what was the point of going and wasting time. I went to visit a couple of schools over the last five years and all of them being public; I found it disturbing that the way to success what a “check the block” mentality. There is no way in the world that any kid above the middle school level should be spelling people as “peoples” on a formal English test. 

To tell you the truth I am more impressed by the Africans that have migrated here within the last couple of years and the elaborate vocabulary they have once they are here in the United States. Sometimes I look at Facebook posts and I can’t believe that grown adults throw up such poor grammar are able to even post some things on the web. Sure I get lazy sometimes myself and I might throw in some acronyms here and there. But, dang it there has to come a point and time where someone spells explained like “eksplayn” has to cease.  I don’t know. Maybe it’s just a pet peeve of mine and it may not matter to anyone else. But if I’m trying to work with someone professionally the first typo I see….I am out! For whatever reason it just speaks to me that you don’t have enough pride in yourself to come correct. Believe it or not I left some jobs that couldn’t spell my name correctly after repeatedly telling them my name is spelled Ahmad and not “Ahmed”. What the heck did you think I put on the application? Obviously, they didn’t care enough about me to think it was worth changing and it showed in their treatment of employees. Your thoughts are welcome.

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