For whatever reason the break in the weather gave me some unexpected energy that makes me want to put my all into everything. I can go to bed late and wake up early, do a couple of projects along the way and not think anything of it. Since this is the hot season for ebook sales, this is the time to get out all of what I can at this time. I haven’t put anything out in almost a year, but in the meantime I am loving this ride. So far I only have 3 full length novels out and I am making a decent living off of them. I can only imagine what it will be like once I release all ten of my books this year. Sometimes, I am a little leery about releasing so many projects all at once. It’s kind of like I want to tease my fans and just ride this thing until I fall off.

The other thing about Spring is that it is a great time to get to propose or get married. As you very well know I do weddings on the side and the calls have been coming a little more than steady lately. So I have a couple of counseling sessions already booked, so that will help out tremendously as I get ready to expand my Mortified Empire. I have another author that I plan on releasing to the public sometime this week. His name is Jerone Penrose, Jr. and he is a beast with the lyrical word. I would recommend this man to anyone that is looking to have their lives enlightened by strong words that have a great length of meaning.

My wife thinks that I am lying, but I am going to start working out twice a day. Why? Because I need to and second I have the time. I stopped working the part time gig so that I can concentrate my efforts towards something a little more fulfilling. In this day and age thinking short term doesn’t seem to cut it. I believe that it’s more than imperative to start thinking about what your kids are going to be doing with their kids. I have student loans, weddings to pay for, and grandkids on the way. Not that any of those things exist besides the student loans. But, it sure does make for create an interesting possibility since I do have seven children. 

So how does Spring motivate you? Hopefully for the better to propel you into the winter.

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