Going Back to School

So after eight years of education since high school I have decided to go back to school. For some reason I have this sick school fetish that I have. So all I do is think about more and more learning and how I could it use it to help others. So the new program I am entering is the Marriage and Family Therapy program that would allow me to work as a mental therapist in Ohio. The licensing laws in some states are very lengthy, but I am willing to obtain something that would be useful in my life. As a Chaplain, we are typically doing a lot of counseling that entails us getting with individuals spiritually. In a nutshell I believe that formal counseling training would be a huge boost to counseling someone spiritually. Sure I could talk about God until the doors of heaven open, but if my approach and technique are incorrect I’m sure I wouldn’t reach as many people as intended. 

Another perk of entering this program is that basically a third of the class will be free. Now sure I would want it all to be free, but at this point I will take what I can get and defer those student loans for the time being as I get myself situated. Although, I have heard that the Army will pay 40k of the lifetime of my loans, which is very significant. 

Wouldn’t this kill the writing side? I tend to think of it in the complete opposite. While I am taking classes I am more than sure I will get a deeper understanding that will tend to make some more stories out of the education I receive. Could you imagine how awesome some pathology stories could put a twist on a story? There are just too many twists and turns to name on this blog. I’m all for variety and this could do nothing less than expand my range as a writer and as a person that wishes to express human emotion in a greater light.

So it may soon seem that I do not really care about blogging, but it will be the complete opposite. It will be more of journaling my experiences so that you may all develop a greater understanding of me as well as those that I serve.

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