Quest for Ishmael Is Finally Finished!

I don’t know how long this thing took, but it was long enough. I could not believe how unprofessional I was with finishing this thing at times. Now I am in the midst of just getting a few things together with and editor and I will finally be done and ready to throw this thing out onto the shelf. 

Preston and Delight are definitely fighting for their marriage and Delight wants to make sure that Preston is finally going to see Ishmael after Lustray took him away for so long. It’s such a sad story, but unfortunately it is the reality that any man faces when he breaks up with a woman. 

This is really a book for both Delight and Preston. Preston is slowly working into the mold of being a father to his household family all over again.

Preston also comes into contact with not one, but both of Lustray’s baby daddies and they are all on the same page to reach their children. Preston has finally started court proceedings and Lustray is on the run of her life. The part these three play in everything really turns into an Ocean’s Eleven type of atmosphere and Preston is moving the pieces as fast as he can without mercy. Even Delight gets in on the act and they do it; without uttering a single word to Lustray. Preston has located his son and the surprises just keep on popping up here and there.

I hope that all of you enjoy this book as much as I had finishing. But I have to reread some things so that I can make sure the characters all line up with eachother and that I’m not mistaking or screwing up any of the character’s names. For a sneak peek here is the cover:



Enjoy this pic as i get back to work and start on “The Alliance”

6 thoughts on “Quest for Ishmael Is Finally Finished!

  1. alisa says:

    When are you going to finish this series? I have all te books and read them all within a week! A touching story that i would love to complete!

    1. Ahmad Williams says:

      The new book is done now!! It’s on sale on Amazon and BN. Thanks for taking an interest in my style of literary art. The series has 2 more books left. Should be done by August and November.

      1. alisa says:

        Is quest for ishmael the most current book? Thats the one i just finished! What will the other book titles be and est release dates so i may put on my planner as a must get! Thank you

  2. Rosia says:

    Hi, I have just finished reading the Quest for Ishmael on my kindle, but I notice that there are only thirteen chapters and it said to be continued, is there only thirteen chapters in the hardcopy or do I need to by the hard copy, because girl you have me wondering about the end. I have already read the others: How did I get here? How do I get out of here? and Never going back. Good story, and though fictions, it has a lot of truth in it. I am looking forward to reading more books. Please let me know about the Quest for Ishmael though, if I need the hardcopy i will purchase it this week. P.S. I love the storyline about how God is in the mix with him and wife, I Know a lot of couples even though fiction can learn from this series.

    1. thewritingreverend says:

      Thanks for reading my passion of Christian Romance in its most genuine form. The newest book entitled “The Alliance” will be available next month. You are all caught up thus far! The hardcover is the exact same and I will be releasing another hardcover so that all books are in one complete volume for all that want in their libraries. The latest book will do nothing but blow you away when the other fathers get into it. Get ready for some fun!

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