Getting in Touch with Yourself

I was gone for a couple of weeks and had the awesome task of ministering to soldiers, civilians, and their families in San Antonio, TX. I have had many challenging expereinces during my lifetime, but this one has to at least be in the top three. I was in awe of the magnitude of trauma and grief that I saw on a daily basis. It was very humbling as well as empowering. 

How does someone minister to a total stranger who’s life has just met death for a split second? How do I make my presence known to a trauma team that I have never met before in the heat of the moment? How do I give someone hope who has just lost two legs, an arm, a mouth and is in need of a chest tube? This was the reality I had to face everyday. Every door that I opened, I never knew what imagine I was going to see around that door. I didn’t know what smell I was going to inhale during that time period. At times, I thought that I must have been crazy for every considering going into the ministry. Not only ministry, but in the military. Where the nature of the business is war. Where it is kill or be killed. The facets not only affect the soldiers, but the soldier’s parents, children, and friends that have known that soldier long before trauma was even a thought. 

The experience has taught me to get out of touch with myself and to look at theses soldiers as soldiers of God. It didn’t matter what they were in there for. How they did it, or how they now looked. I was forced to put on a spiritual lens and minister to someone on the worst day of their life. I was to be God’s representative. Who knows..I may have been the first reflection of God that they have ever had the chance to meet. I may never know the lasting effect of my presence, but what I do know is that I was there when very few people were. I was there before mothers, brothers, fathers, friends, aunts, uncles, and cousins. As in our own lives, God was there before any of us knew anything and that’s the glory of the mystery. The Combat Medical Ministry Course at Fort Sam Houston made me a true soldier of the Lord. I faced fears and have overcome them. I was able to separate myself from situations and let God take over my speaking and seeing. I let God. And that’s all I ever needed to do from the beginning. 

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