Father’s Day was Sunday?

No I didn’t forget about Father’s Day, but I was in awe by how fast it went by. I was recently on a trip to St. Louis and even got in touch with a Cardinals game with my wife. We had such an awesome time and it was very friutful for our marriage. In other words, we got to honeymoon for a couple of days without the kids. It was beautiful. Our hotel was right by the arch and we were literally a five minute walk from the baseball stadium. The place to eat there is Landry’s Seafood. It was well lit, a nice waterfront, and right next to Union Station. 

We left St. Louis on Friday to get back to the kids and a couple of days later….well a day later it was time for my Father’s Day gift. Exactly at midnight I received my Kindle Fire! It was totally unexpected and it was one of those gifts that I would just dream about and get whenever I made it rich someday. I turned it on and been hooked with it ever since. As I type I am still listening t the Pandora App that comes along with it. I have been clicking left and right just getting things done and purchasing whatever I could with my $25 gift card. The treat was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I am sure that I have more playing around to do with it since I now have my new toy. I still did manage to call most of the other fathers in my family and we were all appreciative about that. I just recently received my new cover for The Alliance and I am very pleased with the progress of Mortified Books

Back to the Fire…It has totally changed my reading experience and I am more than impressed with it. My wife and I even watched a movie together in our bedroom just to see the awesome picture. I was surprised to learn that Amazon offered some movies that Netflix doesn’t so that was a plus. The great thing that I like about it is that it also has a web page on it. So I will have no problem getting rid of this expense EVO Shift! After playing with this thing constantly I can believe that it’s Tuesday already. What a day and night it was!

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