The hotel makes kids happy…

For the past few weeks I have travelling to major cities across the country and have been enjoying it. I haven’t had so much fun so early in the summer in quite some time. So now I sit here in North Carolina by myself, watching the Miami Heat celebrate it’s second championship since 2006. I was looking around and viewing how nice the hotel that I am sitting in is. The bathrooms were updated, the pool is visible right outside of my window and the free continental breakfast is awesome. Which I don’t say very often when it comes to food lightly prepared.

So whenever I mention the word hotel to my kids they are over excited. Even when we were doing some home repairs and we needed to get a hotel room for a night and they were so amped with jubilation as we got ready to make our exit to the mini house. I couldn’t remember why, but I now remember our trip to California and the kids were so spoiled in Reno, NV in Boomtown. I thought a little bit harder and I thought about how pumped my brother and I were to sit in a hotel room since our mother was taking a test for her Nursing license. As a matter of fact we were so happy that she didn’t pass it the first time, because we got a chance to get away and get pampered. There was also the pool and all the television that we wanted! So I guess that’s engraved in their brains since hotel is typically associated with a trip away from home. So if you find yourself short of money to travel this year and you want to make the kids happy…Try a stay-cation and I guarantee that your kids will remember it forever.

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