The Office

I just moved into a new house last year and we have slowly been building it up to actually make it look like a home. Not only a home, but an office within a home. We are trying to get ourselves into looking like the professional Mortified Books headquarters that it’s supposed to be like. So I ordered a brand new desk with a hutch before I left to North Carolina and upon my return it was here. Delivered and assembled! Subsequently, I can now get all of that clutter off of my floor and make good with the freedom of walking around my house. Now I am trying to think of ways to get my posters, diplomas, etc. hung up around the house. But, my newest attack is on the chair. Yes a computer chair. I am so stoked about this whole project that you don’t even know! Then, I have to look for ways to section off my workspace so that the IRS doesn’t get too antsy when red flags come up during file time. 

Creating this thing from the ground up has been almost three years in the making and we are doing pretty good with it. I know that there are some things out there that I haven’t thought of but I am more than sure that this project will exceed my expectations. Finally, I want to get a new phone line so that I can hook it up to a fax machine and there will be no more running to Fedex office. I might try efax as well so we’ll see.

Pics to follow upon completion.

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