Mortified Books Moves indoors!

After three years in the making and going from coffee shop to coffee shop I can now stay within the comforts of my home and do some serious cranking out on my books. I am so blessed to have finally set up this theater of my creative arsenal and now I am in my natural heaven of the “light up” office . I call it light up, because this was the only thing that has been holding me back from being as productive as I know I can. I can sit upright and crank out pages in half the time than I did sitting on my laptop all evening long and adjusting every few hundred words. I now write with the music of my choice blasting and I think that I have done the unthinkable…creating a man cave out in the open. This is so exciting! My new Bose speakers are nothing to sneeze at as I will be thumping music as often as I can for the rest of this summer. I am now in the middle of two books that need to get done by the end of summer so that I may have some stability this coming winter. I do not recommend working during the winter in the cold state of Ohio. But, if need be make it temporary. For whatever reason, my books always sell less during the early fall months until about March. But I a more than sure that this time around it will be a totally different story. I am very confident that my stories will have a lot more energy than usual and it will be feasible with the new production team that I created to come close to a six figure salary if all goes well. Wish I had more time to waste so here’s to writing in my own office!

10 thoughts on “Mortified Books Moves indoors!

  1. Clifton Green says:

    Keep the books coming!! Now that you’re home more, things will start coming together more smoothly. Keep up the good work!!

    Your big bro,


  2. Mrs. Cheryl D. Newsom says:

    Hello Reverend Williams, I am in LOVE with your books!!! I am currently trying to get the hubby to read them……..Anyway, I am writing to see if you can tell me how to study the Bible so that I can have an understanding? I just read it chapter by chapter rite now. I have been trying to get someone to teach/tell me how to study for over a year!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!! God Bless You In All You Do!!!!!!

    1. thewritingreverend says:

      Thanks for reading! I too can remember when I would try to read the whole thing chapter by chapter and then fell asleep halfway through the second chapter. What really got me into it was to read on topics that interested me or related to something I was going through. Then I would Google “scriptures on fear, love”, etc. Once I found those I would read from the beginning of those chapters up to the pointed scripture. If there were a word I didn’t know I would whip out my dictionary or purchase a Bible Dictionary.

      First read topics of interest or that you are curious about and then move on to getting very deep by joining small groups or bible studies throughout your area. With the internet now there are so many out there that are in the realm of getting groups together and there is hardly an excuse anymore for not at least getting with someone personally to go over God’s Word with you. Please keep me updated on how it works out for you! Please be on the lookout for my new book in August!

      1. Mrs. Cheryl D. Newsom says:

        Thank you very much for that information and for taking time out of your busy sechedule for me! I suppose I was working in the right direction. I bought a Strongs dictionry and concordance and have been looking up words that I don’t fully understand or don’t know The Biblical meaning of. I will search my facebook people for a study group. I have been ask to join several groups before but I’m not always sure of peoples motives, so I’m going to turn my discernment up high and get to it!

        I can’t wait to see what Preston and Delight are up to next, I hope Preston stays prayed up and that Delight let’s Him lead the family!! Lustray needs to move to Alaska after she gives Preston his kid/s!

  3. Tinnisha Williams says:

    You are a wonderful writer and I am looking forward to your new book in August. I have read all 6 of your books with in the last last week in a half. Its nothing like a book that you can not put down.Continue the good work. I rally look forward to your new book. I’m super excited… 🙂

    1. thewritingreverend says:

      Thank you so much for reading and understanding my writing style. This next one is definitely a fast page turner with all of the new twists that are being added The Alliance. Please make sure you sign up to follow my blog so that you can get all of the free excerpts for my next books that will be kicking out here very soon. Out of curiosity…how did you discover me? I am always curious as to how my readers find me.

  4. Shana says:

    I must admit, I purchased your book from your father (Uncle Johnny) some time ago but the old cover just kept me from reading it. I am really into ebooks as I mentioned to you before and I am so happy you went in that direction. I came across your book online and did not realize it was yours. I began to read it last night and could not put it down. WOW Cuz!

    At 1:30 am I could not check to see what other books you had at but after church I got on the computer and will purchase them all and encourage others to do the same. You have writing skills! I am so proud of you. (I can kick Preston’s butt for acting like such a fool. He best listen the the Holy Spirit which tells him what to do and stop listing to his man.)

    Keep up the great work!

    Your Cuz, Shana

    1. thewritingreverend says:

      What a pleasant surprise! It truly has been amazing to see all of the attention my books have gained from here and in the UK. The cover does get some people tangled up with expectations, but it is a direct book of Urban Ministry. Some would think that it is the typical “gansta, gansta” type genre, but if you go to my publishing site at you will find that we do not publish books that are not consistent with progression of human life. We have been published all around the globe and two years ago “How Did I Get Here” was the number one e-book for six months!

      As I am an Olympic junkie I was just reminiscing to your little cousins of how proud we were of you representing our last name and the region we came from as you put on a show for us to relive forever through our memories. More books to come as I type and thank you for opening up your heart and reading and may God continue to bless you in all that you do.

      1. Shana says:

        I knew e books was the right direction for you to go with your sales. I love these covers, your first paperback book cover just shocked me, so i was confused about the message. I will check out your publishing site. Keep up the good work, you inspire us all. I wish I knew you were still writing, nevertheless, I I will be reading. God bless you as well.

      2. Shana says:

        Just finished reading the all 3 books. (How series) You are an awesome talent, keep up the good work and be blessed. God Bless you all.

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