Alliance cover is done

Yes you read correctly, the other dads are mad too. Preston is mysteriously contacted by the other fathers and finds out that he has been in the wrong spot for way too long.

Not only does Preston find out more than a little bit about Lustray, but he also learns how she really never let any of the other fathers of her children go and how the stories between all of them are so identical!

In a situation where most dads wouldn’t get too close for comfort, they all find a common ground to start working together to be involved as much as possible in the lives of their children. Beating herself on purpose? Fake restraining orders? Lustray is more than an emotional wreck and we will learn just how far a scorned woman can go with bitterness. 

We also get a chance to learn how really saved Preston and Delight are as they are determined not to let someone who doesn’t live in their household interrupt their happy marriage. But, we all know who wants to change that at any means necessary.

2 thoughts on “Alliance cover is done

  1. Rosia says:

    I hope that Preston and Delight are able to remain strong and faithful in their marriage and that LUSTRAY gets what she deserve. Can’t wait to read this one.

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