I know that the new book is supposed to be out by now, but due to the high demand it has been pushed back to meet production demands. So at any rate here is an excerpt from the late summer blockbuster: The Alliance:



1Timothy 5:8

“But if anyone does not provide for his own, that is his own household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

“Are you freaking serious,” Delight screamed at Preston as she looked at the photos on the computer. “I always thought something was fishy about that relationship. It was always Brian and Lustray all of the time and I never saw his wife with him.”
“You know I always thought something wasn’t right about that too. I asked her if his wife ever said anything about it and she shook her head no. But, as many times as I saw his wife once. And I was thinking to myself. What kind of wife lets her husband ride around with another woman all of the time? She said that she used to work with his wife and that’s how they met. This is all the more confirmation that being there was not the right place to be. Glory to God,” Preston pronounced as he fell to his knees with his hands to the heavens with a big grin on his face.
“Look at this Preston,” Delight said as she stalked the computer. “What kind of sick woman let another man carry her baby when she knows that he isn’t the father? This girl is so messed up she needs her butt whooped…twice!”
Preston paced back and forth trying to think of some sort of strategy to get there and wreak havoc on anyone that had anything to do with that situation. “Oh, don’t worry baby, she will be dealt with in great political fashion. Just give me a few minutes to keep thinking on it. Let me see some more of those pictures,” Preston looked on with fury. As Preston studied the computer his ears began to grow hot and everything that was going on around him no longer existed. All he could think about was driving there and letting everyone know that he was the father and that needed to be holding his children. He wished Devon was lying, but what else could he expect from someone that gave it up to him on the first night?
“Preston, you broke the pencil with your fist. Your hand is bleeding,” Delight waved in front of the focused eyes of Preston.
“Oh, wow. I guess I did break it. I didn’t even notice that. Could you get me a towel please,” Preston requested as he surprisingly looked at the blood drip from his left hand.
Preston walked into the bathroom and ran cold water on his open wound. Delight rushed back with a towel to wrap it up. “Can you believe that mess,” Preston asked in disgust.
“Don’t even get me started on that Preston. We need to call your attorney and see what is going on with the transfer of that case. It’s already been four months. Why in the world is it taking so long?”
“I don’t know, but I need you to call and check on that tomorrow morning. This deranged beast needs to be stopped. I’m going to jump on Facebook tomorrow and find her ex-husband. I don’t care what Devon says about him being emotional. I don’t know who couldn’t be emotional when someone is out there alienating children from their fathers just because a sane man doesn’t want to be with her. This is going to stop right here and right now,” Preston screamed at the top of his lungs scaring the children of the house.
“Shhh. You need to calm down Prez,”Delight hissed as she covered Preston’s lips with her hand.
“I’ll be back babe.”
“Where are you going? Preston don’t go driving up there trying to do something stupid!”
“I’m going for a walk to relieve some steam, that’s all. I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.” Preston couldn’t walk out of the door fast enough. All he could think about was driving up to Lustray’s residence and stomp her through the ground with Delight helping him. “Well, I can’t blame Brian, because he’s just being a man. After all, she let him do it,” Preston whispered to himself as he power walked around the corner of his apartment complex. The summer heat was extremely humid and sweat began to leak from Preston’s pores. His intensity was so great and he couldn’t get his mind around the fact that Lustray was not letting him have time with his children. As the mosquitoes began to pick ferociously at Preston he hit a sharp U-turn to go back into his residence and strike immediate action on the “Devil’s Ambassador.”
“Oh, thank God you are back here I was so scared that you were going to drive all the way up there and blow this whole court case. You know you can’t start any trouble, because you know she will just try to use that against you when you get inside the court room.”
Preston looked at her with a ridiculous look on his face. “Come on now. You know I have more genius than that. All I am trying to do is see my kids, but first I need to get in touch with Mr. Johnson,” as he sat at his computer and typed in a Google search.
“Who the heck is Mr. Johnson,” Delight asked emphatically as if she were being left out of the equation as she once was before.
“Calm down, calm down. It’s the father of her youngest girl. From what I understand she put a restraining order on him because he knocked her head off of the apartment wall. But, after living with her I don’t think he was as crazy as she tried to make him out to be. I mean as much as she tried to put her hands on me I was liable to catch a case if I hung around there any longer. The Lord sure do know what He’s doing when he speak to me,” Preston gave a hand praise in the air.
Two hours went by and Preston searched and searched the web for any ctip or clue that would bring him closer to his goal. Before he gave up he found a public file of Lustray’s divorce. It revealed the city and town Larry Johnson was currently residing. From there Preston went back into his original search window and found that he was running his own business. “Man, this brother has really got it going on,” Preston attested as he clicked away at his computer. Seeing a picture was all the more confirmation that Preston found the man that he was looking for. Preston pulled out his cell phone to call Delight who was then upstairs getting the kids into bed. “Hey babe, I got him. Come on down here and check it out.”
“All right…just give me a couple of minutes to read this story to the kids.”
“I’ll be waiting down here,” Preston replied with a sincere tone. Preston’s mind was a like a trained assassin. He was determined to make big things happen at minimal cost. His mission was to be proficient and very efficient.
“What you got Prez,” Delight asked as Preston continued to meditate on the pictures and Mr. Johnson’s biography.
“ reads here that he is now a very successful businessman and he is a former basketball player at Ohio State. Whoa! I thought that name sounded familiar, but I never thought to have put two and two together,” Preston stated wide-eyed as he frivolously rubbed his chin.
“That girl, was just money hungry and trying to get on someone who would help her out. I don’t know how in the world she could ever get herself with people that have something going for themselves and mess it up over and over again. That just lets you know that she has issues.”
“No doubt about that,” Preston added with sarcasm. “I’m about to write to him right now and see where this goes. If my spirit is telling me right, he’ll have no problem with me contacting him and letting him know where his daughter has been and where she is at now. As a matter of fact here is his email right here.” Preston began typing away and with every word he typed he began to feel more at ease with what he was doing.
Delight read over his email and made sure that there weren’t any typos or grammatical errors. She knew that Preston hated to make a first impression with mistakes and that he always took pride in the words that he wrote to anyone. “It looks good to me hun. Not too threatening and it reads like you are taking care of business. Go ahead and send it and we’ll see what comes out of it.”
“The only way that this could backfire is that he goes back to Devon and possibly rehashing some bad memories if there were any. We gotta remember that she was married to Larry when Lustray and Devon already had a daughter together. So you already know how those situations could go with being young and being invincible.”
“I would say just go ahead and send it anyway. If he receives it and acts up, then that doesn’t mean anything will change. But, it would be stupid for Larry if he is trying to learn about and see his daughter.”
“Right. From a political standpoint I would think of at least talking just to keep tabs on my seed; if I were him. The other thing is this. If he doesn’t want to talk, then nothing changes at all and we just keep on doing what we were doing.”
Preston sent the message with the confidence that he would get a prompt response if the webpage he was viewing wasn’t out of date. After Preston sent the e-mail he anticipated what types of conversations could transpire. He was at the point of being upfront and honest for the better of all people involved. After all he didn’t know Larry from a can of paint and he was sleeping with his wife while they were still legally married. Preston called it a night and decided to go upstairs and go to sleep to rest his brain cells.


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