Today is just one of those days

As like any human being it is really hard to come off vacation and be fully functional. I had a great weekend and did nothing but chill out with my wife the entire time. We ate out on both Friday and Saturday night, went to church Sunday and had brunch right after. My Eagles won and of course her 49ers did too. Then came Monday…

The weather was cold, I had to wake up early to get the kids to school and all I wanted to do was watch Sports Center highlights of my Philadelphia Eagles. i turned on Pandora to get the energy to write on such a cloudy day and it was not happening.

So without doing so much writing I did what I was pretty good at besides writing…internet surfing! I actually found two new outlets to upload e-books and I am sure that i am going to use Amazon’s Voice Over Professionals for ACX. This platform helps authors and publishers alike turn their books into Audiobooks! It is so good to know that there are platforms out there to get my books up for free. There are many voice samples to choose from along with genre, sex, and sounds. The site is easy to use and if I were a new author I would straight get into this platform of this new $1 billion dollar industry.

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