Some things to put into perspective

After all of the intentions that I had of getting into the writing phase as early as possible, there were hiccups along the way. I was very motivated this morning to getting something done and I guess the Devil has it out for me. The intentions were great, but the results were so-so.

I woke up early at around 6:00 and it felt very good due to the fact that I was exhausted after a 2 mile run. As I sat down at my computer I was ready to check some e-mail and quickly found out that my power was out. I looked around and used the remaining battery that I had left on my phone to navigate through all of the bills that I thought that needed to be paid already. I called company after company and found out that the reason that i was getting online was because the reported outage in my area. Ok. Cool.

Then, as I sat in my office ready to lay the words down that were so desperately needed in my book I get a call from the school superintendent letting the parents know that our kids would have a two hour delayed start due to the outage. So much for peace and serenity.

Fast forward to about 10 o’clock it’s still cold in the house and I decide to turn on the heat. Guess, what? The central air or heat was not working. So that means I have to check inside and outside trying to get serial numbers, product numbers, and clicking on manufacturing websites to check on warranties, labor fees, etc.

With all of that said it looks like life just happened today and it was at the most inconvenient time. I had an awesome roll going yesterday and things were clicking on all cylinders. Writing, running, reading, and praying, all done before 3pm. The delayed start with school and running my kids to school just knocked everything out of whack and now I sit here at least blogging for the day with only 2 hours until I have to get to my son’s football just to come right back home, eat dinner, help with homework, and by that time I will dead tired all over again just to wake up the next morning and repeat.

Nevertheless, I won’t complain, because I am sure that one day I will still be typing away and wondering what happened to all of the little voices that used to run through this house. I am more than sure that 15 years from now I won’t think about how much more I could have written, but I will be more appreciative of the time that I have spent with my children and taking care of our home.

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