At the moment I have been cranking out a new novel, “T.R.I.A.L.”  The acronym stands for The Righteous Is Always Listening. If you have been a devoted Preston Brown fan then this is an addition that you do not want to miss! It has been up and down, but good ‘ol Lustray has more than a few tricks up her sleeve that would make even the insane sick. How sick? Criminal Minds sick. As anyone could tell you. A desperate woman, is a dangerous woman.

In this new piece Lustray is like the Jason Bourne that went rogue in the face of the law and not caring. Court orders; no matter. Trying to seduce Preston when he picks up his children and he doesn’t want her; no matter. Knowing she could lose her kids forever; matter. She gets wreck-less and there is no stopping her. Maybe Preston meant a lot more to her than we really anticipated.  I guess that what happens when we put all of our faith and hope in a person other than God.

I plan on having the cover out at the end of this month along with some chapters pre-released. Don’t be surprised if I put my books out in e-book format first. I am slowly learning that my readers want their products and they want them fast!

I can sympathize. I want them out as fast as possible too. But I do engage in my personal life as everyone knows that I am a huge family man that loves to be in the presence of my children. So I have to prioritize.

Although, the book is laced with a lot drama as a theologian I have to reveal where God is at in the midst of the drama. Some people can be so lost in the drama and not have any sense of where God is in their life. It’s an insanely way to live, but the reality is that some people are satisfied with that and have only unhealthy ways of dealing with their dilemmas.

With that said…if you are struggling with the whole “believing in God thing” I would ask, “How’s that working out for ya?”

Some questions just don’t require answers.

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