The Workout… the Winter?

For those of you who don’t know, I am a workout enthusiast. It could get skewed that I am a workout narcissist, but it is the complete opposite. As the weather out here has suddenly gets colder I can’t resist the urge to stay snug in the bed  with my wife (whenever she doesn’t make me mad). But, today I actually forced myself from that phenomena and got my butt out of bad, blasted some hip hop music on my BOSE speakers and got to work on my body.

I’m over thirty now and it’s at the point where prostate and genetic diseases have to be checked up on with urgency. Thus far I have been very good with getting my eyes checked and going to the doctor regularly. That way if anything were to happen I make sure that it is manageable and not out of control.

Back to the workout, I made sure that I worked out inside my office and got some push ups and sit ups in. Yes, I kept it indoors, but I am leaning heavily towards getting some running pants so that I can brave the cold out there. I’m talking about the skin tight running pants, not the type that are baggy and catch all types of wind. It is great to know that there are some pants out there that will actually help me run better.

Living in Ohio makes it extremely hard to stay in shape all year round and that will be my new challenge for the next year. I will run outdoors all winter long no matter what. I think it’s doable, in fact there are some athletes who live in a lot colder places that do it. So why not me? I guess  I was so good at looking for excuses not to do things, but now I have the energy to find an excuse to do things.  More information on winter workouts coming in the very near future.

7 thoughts on “The Workout… the Winter?

    1. thewritingreverend says:

      It will be done, edited, and gift wrapped in time for a wonderful Christmas treat! Although I am done I am adding some things and then it’s off to the editor. Thanks for checking in and helping me get the word out!

  1. Joanna Ambro says:

    I can’t wait for the next book. Enjoyed all of the book it took me one week to read all of boyfriend told me I don’t see you reading your bible like this…

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