A Weekend other than Football

Typically, this time of year I make it a point to create craters in my couch with my butt as I flick back and forth from everyone of my favorite football teams from high school through college. But, this weekend that didn’t happen. It’s an election year, so I had to rival with the political news and great anticipation that came along with all of the election political hype.

Not only the political jargon continues to freeze me, but there was the Hurricane Sandy tragedy that continued to have immense coverage on MSNBC. It has been a sobering experience to actually seeing those that are out there in the struggle during the cold season have no power or heat to save their families, If it takes a wrong turn, this could go very bad in a very bad way. I would hate to wake up and see some Americans frozen to death when there has been immense promise of getting right and ready very fast. That spells very scary to me.

I also had a drill weekend with the military where I am the one that hears everyone’s sacred stories and the stressers of life after returning home from a deployment that left them in shambles mentally and to come back to America and not find work to keep a roof over their heads.

Yes, I am a huge football fan and an ex-athlete, but I am not so immersed in any game that I forget what really matters in today’s world.

Sorry for the short post, but the news is constantly calling me.

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