Can you believe it? The final month of the year is here and soon it will be 2013! I had so many goals for writing this year and this is one that I have finally accomplished.

Most people think that I am only a writer, but in reality I am a book publisher first. This year all of my drive the publishing goals that I had planned out have been exceeded. My hottest author this year has been Kollin Taylor, who is a soldier and has published  twelve books this year! That’s not to include my books that I have had the pleasure to publish as well.

Before it’s over with I will be publishing T.R.I.A.L. (The Righteous Is Always Listening). This book will be done in the hopes that it will lead to more discovery as an author as I try to expand my catalog.

I can’t get over how much fun that I am having this year and how the e book work is continuing to expand. Although, I do tend to think that is has become almost too over saturated at times. But, all of this can be eliminated by knowing my specific demographic and to keep feeding them.

My demographic is pretty small….nosy women! That’s right. I am always asked why do I write my books the way that I do. The reason is simple, I want you to come back and see what happens. I know drama will interest most women, because they deal with man-woman relationships. Everyone knows that most of our consumers in the country are women and they inevitably drive our economy believe it or not.

So be on the lookout for my latest book before Christmas and remember to buy your friends a Kindle and tell them about Ahmad Williams!

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