A New Goal before the New Year

I usually don’t get into new goals for the New Year, because I used to be one of those fanatics that created a million of them and then be overwhelmed and end up with no goals accomplished at all. But this one is more near and dear to me with more than a little bit of passion. Short answer…I hate debt! This has been a thorn in my butt for years and I just can’t seem to shake it fast enough. I got serious and acquired some new employment and decided to have that check solely dedicated to paying off debt. I have some student loans to pay off from my fancy college degrees, things that I forgot about from years past. 

I’m done with taking the approach of paying the minimum. I hear some people that are happy with paying the minimum and accruing interest all along the way instead of paying more and just being done with it. This frees up so much more time to keep your money and begin to accumulate some serious wealth to throw into your own savings account.

I created a graph in Google docs so that I can began to track my progress weekly and continue to chomp down debt. I honestly had to get mad at debt and I am at the point where enough is enough. I figured that if everything stayed the same that it would take 4.7 years to get taken care to a zero balance. It feels good just to dream about the day and think of the things that I can do with my family once it is all taken care of. 

I took a manual labor job that would help keep me in shape and that would feel like I earned my money. Sure it will require some nights away from home, I’ll miss some Primetime television and some other school events. But, I look at this as some type of way that I can give a long term gift to my family going down the road. 

One of the immediate adjustments that I will be making this coming year is that I will be getting rid of this contract phone that I have with a major carrier and get a BOOSTMOBILE phone that will save me some serious cash and add to some great flexibility. I kind of like their shrinkage plan that they have going on as well. I look forward to paying only 35 bucks a month as opposed to almost 100.

I still have refused to get a gym membership, but I still manage to work out 4 days a week since the weather hasn’t dropped significantly yet. Thanks to global warming here in Ohio.

I haven’t gotten brave enough to shut off cable yet, since I am such a HUGE sports fan. It’s crazy how the culture we grow up in makes us feel like we’ll die if we don’t hold on to certain amenities. I was talking to a friend from Africa and he told me that since he’s been here that he was shocked by the stress Americans take on if they don’t have certain things. He mentioned that in his village that they were so poor, that if you didn’t have something that you simply didn’t have it and it was okay.

So this holiday season, think about what your true priorities are and not what the ads beat into our heads for just one day that is really someone else’s birthday. 

One thought on “A New Goal before the New Year

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