Why I write the way that I do

The Christmas boom has hit again and it gives all authors an opportunity to get back into the black since the end of the year usually cleans everyone out. The reviews have been coming in full force and thankfully there are more positive than negative ones.

IT’S not rocket science to know that not everyone is going to like everything that I write. I mean I’ve been married ten years and my wife doesn’t like everything that I do….still! But I guess that’s why I love her and she loves me. Obviously some of the reviewers simply don’t pay attention. One of the easiest things overlooked is that the book is a NOVELLA and a SERIES. I had to chuckle when someone said that it was too short or that there wasn’t enough detail in the book. Newsflash….novellas are not very detailed! They are novellas! 

Some writers get so upset that they actually respond to some reviewers; which I would deem as a waste of time and a dead end argument. Writers have to understand that there is some good criticism out there and there is no way that you can make everyone happy. Even  some of the most famous authors have books that are split down the middle by reviewers. Everyone has a different take and some are more precise than others.

I write simple and to the point, because it is the way that I would like to read books. Sometimes I get so bored when an author goes into the details that most readers would never care about. In today’s world of the 50 hour work week and the hustle and bustle of little leisure in the Western World it makes perfect sense to make a book entertaining and straight to the point so that readers can get on with their lives and have a great sense of accomplishment that they got a book done and I keep them fresh with throwing out another so that they can have another breath of fresh air!

2 thoughts on “Why I write the way that I do

  1. Mrs. Ahmad Williams says:

    your right I do love you and i do not like everything you do. Amazing writing gift you have. I am your #1 fan love you

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