The Internet is not the Gospel

“I read something online and it said…” How man times have we heard that before? I can remember there being sometimes that someone in the world has been trying to get into the middle of a conversation with that line. In a world where information has been free flowing there can is plenty of opportunity for misinformation out there. I often research products before I purchase them and once I find someone in favor of something, I find someone that is right there just to rebuttal the opinion. Then I learned that there are some people out there are hired by certain companies so that the competition could be skewed a certain way . 

What I do now is that I often go onto the second and third pages of Google to find its relevancy. Then, I look for things that are often repeated to find out the validity of the project that I am currently researching. It drives me crazy when someone tries to tell me that they are right and never do the research to prove their point; especially, when it is the first result that pops up on a search engine. Some people will just believe anything that is read. It’s like, do I believe Fox News or MSNBC? (Although, the latter has been more reasonable as of late). 

Down the road the internet may need to read like beverages, “Read with Caution”. Because there are some kids out there who will take this thing to heart and find themselves in a real bad way due to the inaccuracy of someone trying to make an extra buck to throw into their paypal account. I’ve heard people swear on certain topics that what they read is certainly the Gospel to live a better life and not knowing that it could ultimately lead to an uncertain death. I’m really there is no justification for drinking soda, I don’t care how “diet” it is. It’s still carbonated water and jacked up with all kinds of crazy lines. Someone told me that he was on a diet and was still drinking soda everyday and was wondering why he wasn’t losing anything. Lol. I told him, “that you could never out train a poor diet.” 

So what are you feeding yourself? 

One thought on “The Internet is not the Gospel

  1. Clifton Green says:

    I’m glad you put this topic in the light. I was just telling someone the other day to not believe everything they see on the Internet. There is all kinds of misleading information out there.

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