It takes a Certain Amount of Bravery

Being a Christian in any part of the world is not easy. Even at times it is easy to blend in with the crowd and just be “one of the crew”. After all it feels comfortable and it keeps conflict down amongst your peers. It sounds easy and in more cases than not it is the easy way out. 

But what would this mean for the Christian that professes Christ. This Easter I posted on Facebook how one would plan to resurrect their life in today’s world. I performed a wedding yesterday and one of the most important things that I was encouraged by was the fact that the groom stated to me that he was tired of “playing around”. Him and his fiancee have been together for eleven years off and on  and there was no good reason that he could have come with as to why they were not married in the first  place other than that he just wanted to play around. As we waited to go to the altar he confessed to me that their two children have missed out on eleven years of having the opportunity of both parents having the same name and being together. 

But as of yesterday they have resurrected love and have started the appropriate journey on the most appropriate of holidays that will last for a lifetime. Although, they didn’t have a church home, they were cognizant enough to know that for them to go further that they needed God in their marriage.  It was a very encouraging to learn that he wanted to get rid of his “playa card”; because in essence that’s all he was doing….playing and wasting time. I stood with a boy who turned into a man as I only stood with him for 2 hours and he witnessed the great experience of having a bride share his last name. Even though he said he wasn’t nervous, I could definitely tell that he was with all of the sweat beads and slowing of speech. It reminded me of a preacher who told me that when we truly have Christ in our lives there are some friends that only need to be seasonal friends and that we wisely have to learn how to add and subtract.

Yes… very hard to do, but very profitable for ever lasting life! 

How brave will you be today?

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