What is God To a Non-Believer?

It’s only been three days of continuous writing and I am already about 10k works into the book,  The title is What Is God to a Non-Believe? This book introduces a brand new character named Lionel who is obviously trying to live life on his own and has so much confidence in himself that he doesn’t have any room for respecting the mothers of his children nor the family that he sees everyday that he doesn’t know that is his. 

This book touches on what I would call secular humanists. In other words, “I don’t believe in God, but I’m a good person or I do great things for charity whenever it suits me. Somehow the attitude is supposed to be a free pass to the heavens. Then there are those that are social complainers. These are the ones that are living a certain lifestyle and they are always wanting to change, but lack the intestinal fortitude to get their lives straight. “Why is this always happening to me?” They are always the victims of whatever situation and lack the spiritual guidance of what is going on in their lives. The most common slogan is “I’m just living my life. So let me be.” Some people are so jacked up spiritually that sadly they don’t even know why they keep running into brick walls in life. In this book Lionel rejects every window of opportunity that comes his way to recognize that there is something greater that exists besides his desires. In this book you will experience the detrimental trauma that causes him to look up and the journey that it will take for him recognize that there was a Great Savior that walked with him throughout his life all along.

The work of the Non-Believer reveals that most who claim to be atheists are at times, agnostic (not knowing); rebellious, or simply don’t want to believe after some sort of bad experience. Most naive atheists that I have spoken to will simply just say that “If there is a God. Why would God let so many bad things happen?” This is what is called theodicy and the rebuttal is simply look at the Cross. It looks grimy, dirty, filthy, and someone was nailed to it without remorse. But, the Gospel is that it does not end there. Even though there is such a thing as death. Through all of the grime and ignorance that exists in this world…that is the not the end! There is something a lot greater to be had. This is what Lionel comes to learn in the new inspirational tale. What is God to a Non-Believer?: Absolutely everything.

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