Making Time…

Call this person, call that person, make sure that this bill is paid, update Facebook status, check emails, and make sure to call back those people that you intentionally missed yesterday. Get to work, oh, no. Let me answer this text real quick. Let me respond to this email.

Before I sit down to eat, the baby spills Kool Aid in the carpet. Then the other two are arguing with each other. The oldest doesn’t want to perform in school to the best of his ability. Phone call from the teacher expressing his concerns. All of this before I take my first peaceful bite of dinner.

Finally, after spending some time with everyone and meeting the demands of everyone else. I have no energy to devote any time to myself and the next thing I know the day is gone and a new one begins before I know it. As a Christian it is something that ruins me spiritually when I don’t find time to be alone with God. Some would say, that just saying that I am a Christian would be suffice, but I benefit so much more when I am practical and not theoretical. It’s not so much about checking the block like I do all of my other “obligations”. In fact, it is one that I value that I find to be the most trouble devoting time to. Ultimately, being with God should be the first thing that I do.

Well, why don’t you do it first thing in the morning? Uh, I said to be practical. I want to have a routine where I can keep up with it as opposed to just creating something that I would be unable to maintain in the long term.

Why not in your car on the way to work? That sounds more like it! Why not in the gym for inspiration to push that extra rep or take that extra step ? I like that too. In today’s world with hyper active communication there needs to be a change of pace for all of us. It’s one thing to go to a club and work up a sweat, but just think of how nice it would be to have Blue Rhapsody type music playing as you listen to the waves on the beach, eating a fancy dish. Not that it necessarily have to be a beach, but how about a nice restaurant.

My point here is that even though we live in our own bodies, there comes a time when we all need to take a step back and breathe. For me it’s with God. Finding time for yourself could be so simple, but if we look at our calendars, the majority of the times that we have labeled on there are for others and not ourselves. A good form of practice would be to actually write in there something that you would like to do for yourself every so often. As my wife would tell you…every time that I get home from work I go upstairs and escape from the world for the first hour and then I return to the world (typical introvert). Who would have ever thought that the easiest things would be so demanding to desire of ourselves?

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