I’ve been away for awhile doing some serious writing to satisfy my readers. There are a couple of manuscripts done that are off to the editor and it looks like they will be smash hits. 

Not only that, but I have been out with soldiers training and the ministry has been unbelievable! It has been so much of a roller coaster trying to get such a male dominated profession to open up and let me in on their vulnerabilities has been so liberating for so many of those that have been holding onto strongholds ever since they were kids. 

The work was great and the physical training that we went through was very enduring. It hurt like thorns taking my body to the next level, but I feel so much better on my feet since I transitioned I went through the training.

The dramatic part is this. I bought a new HP laptop with a touch screen and fully loaded. The thing was working wonderfully and then it happened. I came home from the store ready to work and get things done. I opened up the laptop and I couldn’t believe it. I swiped and swiped with my finger, but the screen wouldn’t move. How could this be? I had so many files saved on there! I started running that thing like it was my house and I couldn’t get past typing in my password. I turned it toward me and that’s when I witnessed the inevitable. I turned it left and I turned it right . I held it up to the light and what did I see? I saw that there was not one, not two, but three cracks on my new laptop! I bought it from Bestbuy and I didn’t purchase the coverage! Ughhhhhhhh! I took it in and not only would it be expensive, but it would almost cost just about half of the purchase price on the thing. So I’m back to using my old laptop that is slow and low on storage that I can do without.

So as I slowly get back to my writing form and travelling with soldiers throughout the rest of this summer please bear with me as I try to knock out some exciting writing and thrillers. At least for this week I am trying to get some things done for the rest of the writing season. Writing schedules are in the works and it is time to be done with Preston and reignite Lionel!

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