The Loose Screw Theory

As an avid sports fan I had the luxury of watching World Class Track and Field in Sweden. I could remember way back when I was a Junior Olympic Sprinter and couldn’t wait to run a new race right after I got done running a race. Boy am I glad those days are over. They were so exhausting and it’s not like I was getting paid or any compensation for that matter. But, I can remember that I had a great passion for the sport and that people would call me crazy for having such an elaborate work ethic. I would workout at least twice a day and carry around a bottle of water that I was refilling every hour for at least eight hours out of the day. To me, it was discipline, it was fun, it was what needed to be done in order to remain one of the elite. 

I watched some amazing track athletes and it was exhausting just to watch them . As I studied the front runners I could tell that there was a totally different type of discipline applied to their training regimens as opposed to those that were in the back. They ran with ease, body was relaxed, conditioning was impeccable, and it was written all over their faces, “I worked hard for this.” It gave me flashbacks to all of the times that I used to vomit after an extra lap, the blacking out, and the dizzy spells that helped me survive when the races became a test of conditioning and not just pure speed.

Looking at those old films now, I must have been without a doubt…Crazy! In other words, I had a major screw loose that I was totally oblivious to. But, my reality back then was that it was the only way to live. 

So I came to the conclusion that in order to be successful, no one can do what the majority of the rest of the world does If one wants to truly be successful…or be elite in this world. Of course, it’s easy to be common, that’s why no one is fascinated by them. It is really important to note that if one has the goal of separating themselves, then the sacrifice is to master the craft and not embrace what others want to do. It may mean missing a football game, a kid’s recital, or not eating that donut after a great diet for the week. Yes, fun has to be sacrificed, but if sacrifices are put in place, make sure that there is hard, worthy production placed in that void. This is not to say to NEVER have fun, but the work needs to outweigh the leisure wholeheartedly, Too much relaxation is never a good thing. But, if you are completely SOULED OUT on getting where you want to be then you have to have A SCREW LOOSE! Think about it. For Michael Jordan to have as many rings as he obtained he had to have a screw loose. Eighty two games a season; not to include the playoffs and finals! Then it was on to Olympic basketball! Most common thinking individuals would have been satisfied with just getting the NBA check and relax during the off season and take lavish trips in Europe. But, for the Elite, that reality is not something that seems fathomable. Being great is hard work. I would always ask myself, “Why in the world would someone want to run for President?” Everyone has to know the candidate’s business, hidden cameras, made up scandals, etc. But to be separated requires a dangerous drive of ambition. It really is one of the lost arts in this new world of convenience. Amazing is for the few. 

Do you dare to lose a screw?

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