A Holiday to call our own.

My lovely wife and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. We originally thought that we would travel the world together and go here and there. But, with seven kids and the new school year underway there was no way that we could be fiscally responsible enough to make that a reality. We didn’t have the weekend off and we we didn’t get to take the day off, but in my household there was a very special feeling. We all gathered around after the kids got out of school and watched our annual DVD of the wedding. It so moving to see all of the faces that have left this Earth since then, and in some cases it was pretty sad to see. But they were all there for our special day. It didn’t seem as special on the day of the ceremony; I would argue that there was more stress making sure everything went perfectly. Looking back, it gets more and more special as the days go on. 

We went to Miranova downtown and ate some of the most eclectic food in town and drove by our old apartment we first lived in together. We started to reminisce about all of the commotion and how we could have possibly lived together in such dumps. I can only think that there was only one perfect woman in the world who could have jumped into such a life as mine. We didn’t spend all of the money we wanted to….but we were together and not a lot of people can say that at all. So I am enjoying my very own holiday weekend and there is no one that I have to report to except my main squeeze!


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