People….most of them don’t know what they are talking about

In all of our lifetimes we may hear people say that something is too hard and that they just don’t think it’s possible for us to do. In other words, these are who we would call the “haters” that surround us. It’s not uncommon for any of us to have an ambitious goal and have people tell us that it’s not possible. I can remember people telling me that I shouldn’t go to Ohio State , because “it was too big of a school” and there was no way that a small town Jersey kid could survive. I can even remember my own guidance counselor suggested that I apply to some community colleges that were within state lines. Yeah, whatever. I knew what I wanted to do and there was no way in the world that I was going to let this one person let me doubt all that I worked for over the years. After graduating from there I decided to go to seminary school and  once I expressed my “secret” the same pundits showed up again. “Man, I hear, seminary is pretty tough.” Check. I got that degree too. In fact, it was easier than undergraduate school. 

As I thought and looked back to what all of those people had in common. It was simply this: None of them walked either path of what I was anticipating! There is a starch difference between hearing about the path and walking the path. I was working a mediocre part time job and I decided to enlist in the Army. All of the employees were like, “man you are going to be so glad to get out of there. That’s gonna suck, and I hear that gas chamber is the worst.” Again, these people never stepped foot in a pair of combat boots and as you could guess I made it through there with flying colors and I didn’t have to go back to that part-time job. 

As I always persistence simply beats doubt. Just ask Diana Nyad. She only swam 110 miles in her 60’s. Yes the process sucked, but guess what. If you ever want anything worth getting in this life. It’s gonna suck. Embrace it. Own it. Because it will be yours to own. Yes people love to talk about how they are this and that and haven’t accomplished anything. Or they’re too good for such endeavors. Get used to it. Because it comes with the territory. 

I’m a Bible reader and if there is anything that the Apostle Paul says that resonates with me the most is this: “don’t be surprise if the world hates you, in fact it should be expected.”

I have heard people say many things. From administrators and officials, to those I come across everyday. If you are living every second of devotion to your “unattainable” goal; you have no choice but to be successful. Just ask the lady who tried swimming from Cuba to Key West for 35 years.

People…most of them don’t know what they are talking about.

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