Over the last two weeks I have made a commitment to get started with my workouts early in the morning. There are more than enough reasons for me to do such a thing; but here are a couple of the main ones.

1. I have seven kids and with that said. I better soak up every dark hour that I can get! From the time the kids wake up, go to school, get them off the bus, after school activities, and help with homework. There is almost no time to get much done. Sure i could stay up at night, but that would turn into a tired me for the entire week.

2. Getting started early with a workout makes my entire day productive. Now don’t get me wrong I hate it when that clock goes off at 3:25 am. and I have to be in that gym by 4. But once I got into a rhythm after 3 days it made life so much easier. It literally made me go to bed early and turn on the DVR so that I can watch whatever I missed at night in the early morning after the workout. After I’m done I still have about an hour left after I take a shower and before I have to wake the kids. So that may even mean a little bit of fun time with the missus (if you know what I mean). Not only have I created more time for myself by being more disciplined with my sleeping habits; I have found that by working out in the morning I am more liable to burn more calories, because I still have to use my body the rest of the day.

This has been something that I have wanted to do for a very long time and I have been struggling to get started due to my own procrastination. Now I am even more frustrated, since I found out that it was as simple as getting started. Getting started is the key to most things. This would not just be applied to working out, but also to getting out and getting started with just about any ambition that would suit you. Maybe you may have savings goals. Get a pen and paper and write down and number and go for it! Sure you’ll get frustrated with yourself, but keep going. Tell friends and families about your goals and create your own fan club! I tend to think of finances to be a bit more personal so I wouldn’t post progression points on Twitter of Facebook if I were you. This concept could be applied to almost anything. In fact I’m going into this last quarter of the year to have six books published. It’s ambitious I know. But, every goal should be. The reward is so much better once obtained. I have outlines, publishing dates, and word quotas written down that I want written by the day. Yes, if you are serious about a goal. It has to be that precise. So sit down and brainstorm what you really want to do and continuously let it harass your mind every waking moment of your day.

I’d hate to say it, but Nike has it right. Just Do It. Nothing like it and nothing can touch it. Four in the morning sounded daunting at first, but now. I just can’t imagine my day without it.  

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