Get Yourself on the Calendar!

The world is full of it’s own demands and typically we are subject to most of them. There are things that we have like cell phone bills due, electrical bills, utility bills, water bills, trash man bills, etc. I typically write these things inside my calendar. I’m still kind of old fashioned so I have a calendar that I put up on my office wall so that I can see everything all at once. 

With all of these obligations that are marked for most people; what is on that calendar that meets your demands? It’s hard when we have to think of some things that we can do for ourselves in today’s demanding world. Yeah, you! Why not? How about that trip that you always wanted to take with that special someone or for yourself? It’s always easy to budget for someone else, but why not invest in yourself for a money saving goal to take that trip somewhere. Maybe, you haven’t seen family for years on a holiday and you want to see someone. Take a look at the calendar and see how much you would need to save every week or month to make it happen.

Maybe you want to lose a certain amount of weight before a special event or you want to make a life changing alteration in your life. Well pull out the tape measure, get disgusted with yourself and whip out the calendar! Have a goal of what you are going to do every day. Yes. Everyday. It’s like keeping up with your checkbook every time you spend something and you don’t let the receipts overflow in your purse or wallet. Organize your demands. It’s quite simple when you think about. Us American just make it harder than we think, because we believe that somehow we are magically going to miss something. Sounds confusing in the world of podcasts, DVR’s, Netflix, and voicemails. How could you miss anything? A very simple act of kindness to yourself could help you immensely for your future. Being kind to yourself has a lot of benefits for long term living and building amazing legacy. So losing that weight shouldn’t be a get rich quick scheme. It should be a marathon. Just have a target date and work on losing about two pounds a week. It’s more than doable. But make sure that you write everything on the calendar. Write a goal for the end of the week and use your week to obtain it. That way your week isn’t such a drag and it feels like an eternity for Friday to come. I personally never got the Friday thing. It only brings you closer to Monday. So why not enjoy the rest of the week? 

Please, don’t take this blog as me pushing you to love only yourself; or be selfish. This is called self care. It helps avoid burnout, frustrations, and is the best maintainer for healthy living. It is more than some cliche or omen. It is literally marking your days for the person that you want to become and the legacy that you would like to leave for yourself!

Get on that Calendar and mark yourself down!

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