Monday = Procrastination

Okay, if you didn’t get yourself on the calendar as noted in the last post. Then you are probably someone who I would call a classic procrastinator. I always held the notion that I would start something that I should have been doing throughout the week on you guessed it…Monday. I’ll fix the door….on Monday. I’ll work out…on Monday. I’ll get my act together after Church…on Monday. 

Mondays in my book are an excuse there are so many things that could be going towards our well being if we didn’t wait on… Monday. It can not only be a habit, but it could be dangerously chronic to live in such a way. With all of these things that are put in our foods and drinks; how could we afford not to pay attention to our bodies. Not only our bodies, but our well beings. We often think about the ways that we could get some more energy to do things. Here is a news flash….Get your butt moving! It’s as simple as that. I can remember during the economic collapse that I stayed home depressed and had absolutely nothing to do, but watch the cable get turned off. I would look around and search for meaningless jobs that would demotivate me even more. Then become a lot less interested in thinking about all of the applications that I would need to fill out with no guarantee of a job. 

What I started to learn was that I was gaining weight, taking a lot of naps, and just wanted to sleep some more. In that I learned that sleep only promoted more sleep. And the inverse of that was well….energy promoted more energy. I started getting up in the morning and thinking like I was getting ready for work…clean the house, run errands, and do a workout that I would find on the internet. After about a week I found that I wanted to workout some more. I finally started to rid myself of wanting to look like someone on TV, delay it all over again, go to Taco Hell, feel bad about eating it, and then repeat. 

Eventually it got to the point where if I didn’t work out something was wrong and I felt very wrong. In turn this new regimen transformed my way of thinking. 

So this Monday do something that may transform your way of thinking and enhancing your life so that you yourself will not only have an influence on yourself, but those around you.

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