Every Friday I have to hear my wife tell me about Scandal over and over again. Then, I have to watch the DVR to the same series I slept on and off of the night previously. I must admit, that sometimes I am taken aback by her creativity. She has a knack to spark curiosity in the minds of her audience. She is not only a masterful writer, but a very creative mind that has not ceased to amaze.

Sometimes when I hear those in my community; more notable writers there is always a tendency for someone to do a ____ version of something that has appealed to a greater audience. I have a couple issues with this strategy. For one, someone who is in business wants to appeal to as many on the global scale as possible. There is simply no room for segregation and there is no room for a black version of this, a Hispanic version of that, nor an Asian version of this.  Shonda Rhimes is simply original. She created work for many actors that also appeal to a global audience. Although, I am not a fan of GLBT, I can appreciate the fact that with business there is no discrimination. The cast on Grey’s Anatomy is from virtually every racial group in the United States. Men are not only the stars, but the women are at the helm and doing a very good job. Can some scream Kerry Washington for me? How she pulled it off to get it on during primetime is something that I will never know.

She didn’t have to take an original or some other famous clip and try to recopy the thing into a small niche. Her mind was elaborated and maintained her sights on the greater community. There is nothing like an original. She has also influenced me to write some things out of my comfort zone and open up my audience as well.

So if you are someone out there thinking about your next business venture, don’t hesitate to think about how much is out there to actually be gained. I’m not saying that you need to be millionaire, but it sure does help to have a few more eyes on your product.

Something to think about.

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