As a self taught reader and philosopher I can’t help but to extrapolate some of the innovations on the learning scale. The digital age is an age of convenience where we all can do everything with the tap of a screen. I was in Starbucks yesterday (not something someone on a budget wants to do everyday) and found myself in the middle of a conversation about the rising costs of education at my alma mater; The Ohio State University. Of course it’s normal for prices to rise, but is it really worth it?

I would argue that for the long term that it isn’t. There are many reasons to go, but unless there is something that is as specific as Medical School or Law I wouldn’t touch it. So Ahmad why wouldn’t you pay the costs for a high class education?

Simply, because it is way too accessible. Thirty years ago, there some things that you couldn’t think of finding unless you found yourself some type of auditing fee to sit inside a classroom.

Here we are in 2013. I am an avid reader and there is nothing I love to do more than reading and feeding my mind with useless information and empowering information that I could use in some sort of story or column that I am invited to write for.

I have been doing an experiment for the last couple of weeks and I began to research some more philosophy works. What I ended up learning was that there is no reason for me to pay for an education that only requires reading and writing. This is not to say that sitting inside a classroom is dumbing down the effect, but one has to be cognizant that there are serious repercussions in today’s world for not making the money that you put out.

Any financial guru will tell you that you should never spend more than you make. Well..What do you think that most college students are doing today? The accessibility gap is getting wider and wider for kids that don’t have the financial resources to sit in brick and mortar schools.

Like I tell everyone else. I have never met a millionaire that went to college. This brings me to my next point The social and party factor. Millionaires have enough money to throw parties and have fun wherever and however they want to. They simply have the money to do so.

Back to the classroom point. Here it is. You can go to virtually any college that you want. Let’s say that you wanted to access a Philosophy course at Temple University. All you have to do is Google the professor and go to his or her homepage. Nowadays most professors have their own personal websites. Once you are at the website it is more than easy to access their page and then download the syllabus. Too easy. Just dedicate yourself to it, learn it on your own time, self publish a book, make sense, and you are officially accredited to enter any sophisticated discussion of your choosing.

But, what about the social interaction? Easy. Start a blog or a website. There are enough internet heads out there that would love to get in with a blog and you could participate in other blogs and discussions as well. Not to mention there are many associations out there that would love for you to register and pay your hard earned money to attend their functions. It is more than accessible to do and plenty of fun! Now if you really want to make money. Just monetize the information that you learn on your blog and have a few workshops or webinars. We’re still in the Wild West with this internet thing so take full advantage!

Mind Elevation.

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