The last month and a half has been very exciting. I have been busy every weekend with my kids hitting church after church and bonfire after bonfire during the season of Harvest. I know I slept like a baby on Saturday night after being out in the community for hours on end and keeping myself warm in 30 degree evenings .

Although I have been busy with the little ones there was still time to get a lot of writing done. My latest book, ” What is God to a Non-Believer” is done and off to the editor. From what I have heard that novel should be back to me by Wednesday, which should make it available for sale by Friday. The book was actually a lot of fun to write as there were so many unique situations in there with the protagonist Lionel being severely humbled and really learns how blind he was in terms of not only his decision making, but his entire lifestyle. But, he also learns that everything was not his fault. Of course he makes some mistakes just like everyone else does, but he learns not to carry the guilt that weighs him down and realizes that it is all part of the life process of learning.

I know the majority of my readers out there are wondering about the old man Preston Brown! Well, you are all in for a long awaited treat! That’s the good news. The bad news is that it will not be available until December. I really wanted this to be the last book in the series and end it with a bang that would sit in the hearts of every reader out there. So I am really taking my time to craft this project and make sure that the story line is error free. I know that my readers pay good money for the products that they purchase from me and I really want them to get their money’s worth. Not only will I be releasing the last book, I will do a double release with the book coming out as an omnibus; all books in the series released as one! So if you have read my free book here; then you might want to wait and read all of the books at one time! There will be group study questions, discussions, and even a preview of some of the other projects that are brewing in my life.

Yeah, I’m busy. But, who isn’t in America. So we might as well make some money doing it. Don’t every let a Monday get you down. Instead, use it as a base for your new goals.

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