When things aren’t going your way

I often tell people that if they don’t believe in the Devil…try doing something great and see how much adversity pops up in your way! I got a call from someone the other day and he was sharing with me how well his career was going and all of the great things he had to look forward to in the near future. It is something to think about. After all, just think about all of the great icons in our world today. What they all have in common is that they have some sort of story that reflects and adverse background in some shape or form.

When I reflect on it I often feel like that if there is no adversity there is a major lacking of a prerequisite in the formula for success. As any athlete would confess is that they hate practice and love competition days. That way they can reap the fruits of their labors. Many of you have read before as I ragged on about goal setting and pursuing those things as early as possible, because tomorrow will be gone in less than 48 hours. It’s surreal to think about, but most of us have been out of high school and college for almost a decade and it feels like yesterday.

Another formula I would add to your wholeness is to create fun goals for yourself. We’re so good at finding excuses as to why we shouldn’t do something fun, but why can’t we give ourselves the opportunity to think otherwise? Believe it or not it is more than vital to our overall health to laugh and create great memories. In some cases I have studied that it is essential to those that suffer from amnesia and dementia. Not something great to think about down the road I know, but it is worth it. The last cross country trip I took was to California on the road and it is something that I think about all of the time. It was crazy when we drove out West and recorded all of the sites and sounds. Setting fun goals with your sincere goals often go hand in hand. Something I’m trying to do this year is to hit at least 2 NBA games and no matter how tired I am from driving or working it is going to happen. Not only that..I may even call off one day just to make sure that I enjoy the entire experience. Sure some boss out there will tell you that the job is the source of the end all meets all, but if there is no work and leisure balance there must be a high turnover rate there. It’s just a fact of common sense.

So if things aren’t going your way. Step back, do something fun, and laugh your way through it. It’s essential to have all of these intangibles intact before you drive yourself crazy. I often tell others to embrace “the suck”. Once that happens you can make it through anything.

If you run into an obstacle and it drives you crazy….it simply means that you are on your way to success. No matter how small of a level it may be on.

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