How do you measure success? (Numbers Game)

I originally thought that being successful was measured by how much I would make or how much that I have made. It had to be a certain salary, how many Twitter followers I had, and even how many “Friends” I had on Facebook. Think about it. How much does your life revolve around numbers. In this culture I find myself counting way too much. I’m think about how much I have to spend, who’s number I need to add to my cell phone. This game could get you caught up when you play the numbers game. I’m not a gambler for the very reason that it is designed for you to lose! I could never the attraction of the casino or the lottery. I just could never fathom paying money to make money. I know some out there would disagree with me, but if I’m speaking of net worth…..I’m already negated buy passing the buck to the man that is collecting.

Let’s try thinking of something other than numbers that could help us. How about, I played with my kids today? Or, how about I fixed something in the house? Let’s not forget about moral victories too. Maybe you stopped smoking? Or drinking. Maybe you called someone that you have had hard feelings with and you got to actually talk about it like a human being to your adversary. There are so many things that could help us but we got ourselves so caught up in this numbers game that you would think that America would be ranked a little higher when it came to math and SCIENCE! In fact, it’s the complete opposite. It’s crazy when you really think about it. Somebody’s winning and it’s not us. We are so hell bent on trying impress people that we don’t like that we are going into debt over things that have no sort of eternal impact whatsoever.

How about something else crazy when we think about numbers? Sports! There’s no way around this one, but there are many out there that don’t even get recognized but many athletes live a quiet career simply because they are able to contribute. So what are you willing to contribute to this world? I hope it’s not money, because that will never be enough. There will always be a thirst for more.

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