Happy Thanksgiving from the Writing Reverend

It’s that time of year again! And if you are over the age of 30 it’s a wonder how it all just continues to sneak up on us year after year. And before we know it there will be another year upon us. This really has to be a day of patience and I mean God patience. This is the time of year where especially females get so emotional that they end up spoiling it for themselves. 

This is the day of numerous mass text messages being sent back and forth, the Facebook montage of everyone giving thanks to the world, Redbox movies piled up and not caring about the extra day charge, the increased stress of thinking about Christmas being right around the corner. 

One thing that I can’t stand about the holiday is the fact that there are many retail stores open that constantly force people to work on such a special day. I was one of those people a couple of years again and it was no fun to come in and work third shift after only partially enjoying my family. I must admit I forgot something this morning and I had to run back to the grocery store this morning. Thank God it was open! But, fundamentally, I am against working on federal holidays. There should be no work whatsoever. That means the CEO’s that don’t work anyway should not make others work because they want the cash flow to keep rolling. That is ridiculous. One has to think about the strain that it has on those who desire to travel. Its already hard enough to take a vacation day! Honestly, if I were an employee I would just boycott working on any holiday unless I was terribly needed like if I were a doctor or something. I would straight call off and not miss any other days. 

Finally, we should be happy that we made it to today and that we do have a job. And if having a job is not a part of your vocabulary this year, then just be thankful that you have a life to live! A lot of people didn’t make it to see today, but by the Grace of GOD you are here to be  witness in another day of God’s mercy. Thank you. And a very sincere Happy Thanksgiving.

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