2014 Goal Setting

If you are like everyone else…you forgot that today was Thursday. For those that went back to work today it definitely would have to feel like a Monday. Going back to work the day after the biggest holiday of the year has to be nothing less than demoralizing. Living in that fantasy land for just a few hours out of the year makes it really hard to snap back into reality. For some going back to work helps fight off that holiday weight gain. It’s wades off the temptation of snacking on all of those leftovers that just relish in your mouth…and when there’s nothing to do but listen to kids play with their new toys….you guessed it. It’s time to snack again.

But, what I really wanted to communicate today is to not to lose focus! Lose focus of what? I don’t know. That’s for you to decide. For me it’s to hit the gym a little harder this coming year and not to keep paying these monthly membership fees for nothing.  Ugh, how I kick myself every time that I see that fee on my bank statement! It’s not that I didn’t go, but I want to get every cent out it and then some! Thank you Groupon! But, we’re all getting older and we need to get ourselves into a discipline; notice that I didn’t say something that we enjoy. But, something that should become a part of our daily lives. Yes 2014 is for real and so is your aging body. It is not something to play with. Just take a look at some of those Facebook pictures of people that you went to school with. Not a pretty sight is it. Ok, some are the exception, but you get what I’m saying. The majority of us are in horrid shape and we are dying slowly.

Clearly I am focused on my physical health. If you ever knew about my family genetics you would know that I have every right to think and act the way that I do. I would suggest that a lot of us do more than a little bit of family research to know what you are potentially breeding. So what are your goals for the New Year?And not just the New Year….for the entire year! That’s more like it. DON’T wait until January 1st. Start now! Maybe there’s a debt that you have been putting off for a couple years that you finally want to stop hearing from collectors about. Write it on a big board where everyone can see and live every waking day to get it out of your face. I don’t care if you only subtract five dollars a week from it, work towards getting it done and set yourself a deadline.

Don’t make excuses, we’re experts at that and everyone has heard them. Look for excuses to get things done and not reasons why something can’t get done. Sure it may take some more time and effort. Ask any champion that has won anything and they will tell you that it was mandatory to put in more time than the person next to them. What are you willing to do to separate yourself from the crowd? I’m eager to hear. My new recreation started yesterday.

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