You have to be willing to hurt

To breakthrough anything is more than painful and to be honest it downright sucks! I’m sitting here watching the Winter Olympic Trials and these guys are phenomenal. They wear these sophisticated blades to move from side to side miles at a time. Many have even sacrificed their livelihoods by moving across the country to train. That’s a pretty big step at such a young age and now that I think about it…I must have been crazy to tell my mom and dad that I was going to attend school the next fall 500 miles away from home. Not only did I tell them, but I actually did it!

There were so many things that could have gone wrong. I could have not graduated and been stuck. I could have gotten into an accident on the highway during many of my trips back and forth to visit. I could have been an inconvenience to everyone who ever supported my educational career. The same would have to go for all of these skaters here on television. What if it doesn’t work out? What if one of them didn’t place? Would all of those hours of training, time, and money be wasted? As for me on my journey…those things NEVER entered my mind. Which I am sure is the same mindset of all of these aspiring skaters. Will they all win? No. Will they all break records? No of course not. But, I could tell you that they are all on their way to something greater than where they were at the day before. Heck, most of them know that the chances are greater that they won’t make the Olympic team. Did I graduate at the time I originally wanted to? In my dreams, but guess what? I did it and I did it with literally tears, sweat, and more than a few disappointments. I endured it and I loved every second of it. There was nothing more satisfying than walking in that stadium and shaking the Dean’s hand. Even though there were a lot of us who graduated, there were a lot more that have attended and never graduated. 

I’m watching theses skaters wince, grimace, and grit their way through these tough rounds of qualifying and it looks like those that have accepted pain as part of the process are breezing through. 

As I have said plenty of times before. Pain is a prerequisite for success. If there is no degree being uncomfortable then there is absolutely no way that success is inevitable. There is nothing in the world that is more satisfying than a little pain to be overcome.

The same goes for relationships of people wanting to work on a successful marriage, someone trying to advance in their profession, or someone who just simply wants to move in a better direction in their lives. The saying is very true. “Pain is temporary. It may hurt. Fell uncomfortable for maybe a day, month or a year, but eventually it will subside.” Because it has to. It’s the law of success and ultimate achievement.

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