It’s here, did you get started?

The chances are you did not. It’s the New Year and you are thinking of getting all of your year long goals started. I know it is technically still the holiday and there are things that you “need” to do in order to really get started. That sort of thought is just as asinine as I hear people talk about not going to church until they “get right”. Uh, duh…you go to church to get right! Another blog for another time.

If you are really looking to be successful there is no time like the present. When we hear people speak of the grind there are no holidays, there are no days off, there are no breaks. Anyone that wants to be successful has to be willing to get into this “loose screw” way of thinking. If everything was supposed to be different then everyone would do it. That’s what I call separation. You need to separate yourself from others who are not willing to put in the extra work or the extra mile in order to better themselves. It’s not a fad, but a lifestyle. I can remember watching Sean Puffy Combs on an MTV reality show and his understudies could not get over the fact that the man didn’t sleep….AT ALL! I watched Pastor Erik Thomas a couple of days ago and he spoke about consumers and producers. The producers were the ones that wanted to get out there and make money and exceed. The consumers were the ones who were always worried about how much sleep they were going to get and how much they could absorb. Consumers, loved to spend more than they made and that’s why they are always slaves to the lender.

Success doesn’t have a time table and it sure doesn’t have a perfect time to start. Ask anyone that has ever had the honor to serve in America’s wars. There was never a good time to deploy. They always happened when someone was in the middle of litigation, a relative was sick, or there was just a new promotion at their civilian job. Life is hard. Life is rough. It is something that we must accept and conquer. Remember just because we go through something, isn’t the time to throw in the towel but to get excited about the grinding process. The process is where all great recipes are made. The process it how all great cars are made. The process is how all great athletes are trained. The process is where we ultimately meet our Maker! So enjoy the process, no matter how dark, lonely, and cold it may be. But remember there is no process like yours. So take it. Own it. And above all else make sure that you enjoy it, because if you are willing to stick with it. The chances are highly in your favor to succeed. Ask anyone who ever quit. 

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