What you do in the dark comes to light

This post is going to focus on the process of being successful. Many pursuing a goal feel that there are some things that are just not worth going for anymore. If your gut feeling is telling you that there is something within you then you have to feed that hunger. There is nothing more painstaking than to let a dream linger around you and you have nothing to do with it. There are just some things that need to be done. That’s right it’s called taking care of business. Like I said before, easy is not an option. Expect hard and nothing else. I was doing some studying in the Bible and I read something that Jesus said the book of Matthew 6:6 “when you go to pray…pray in private and the Father will reward you with what is done in secret.” 

Reading that hit me like no other. It clearly explained to me what all successful people have done over time and time again. Anyone that is successful spends countless hours on their craft. When others are sleeping or thinking about sleeping they are working on their craft. For example, on Sunday afternoon when most people are taking it as a day to chill, my son and I hit the gym! It was out of the ordinary, but we want to put the work in so that we can be proud of the bodies that God has given us to train. It was out of the ordinary and the gym was empty. That was music to our ears. And I must tell you….looking in the mirror the following morning was living proof that we were doing something worthwhile. We didn’t go during the time when everyone else was in there to show off, we want to be different so we can’t do what everyone else does. In order to separate ourselves there needed to be something in place that would give us that lift. In other words we were in the dark. Putting in hard work, puts in the dark by default. There is no other option. When most people want to enjoy leisure we need to be working. It only takes a little bit of discipline. 

I looked at the length at some of J.K. Rowling’s books and I read an article about her work ethic. The whole Harry Potter thing took her 17 years to complete.  Yes that means from preschool until about high school to get that done. When most people would have been fed up she took no shorts in believing that she would get it done. Too easy. I continued to read this article and I learned that SHE LIKES TO WRITE THROUGH THE NIGHT. Do you see the pattern? Consumers embrace sleep….producers don’t. To obtain this type of energy you have to have some sort of passion there needs to not only be a way of working but there has to be a certain type of love to go along with it. Please do not take this to mean obsession. In other words, there has to be something that energizes you; that’s passion. I have no problem staying awake til about four in the morning researching new authors, music artists, or finishing a story. Then, turn around and wake up at 7 am to get my kids off to school. If you have a passion there is no reason that you will ever feel like a failure. To do something out of obligation, means that there will be some draining involved, but that has to be superseded with some passion that overwhelms your life. When you are happy you can do anything. Literally. At least you will think you can. And from experience there is no other feeling like it. I always wondered why professional athletes felt compelled to win multiple championships. My thinking was always that if they won it once why go through all of that grueling all over again in the next couple of months? The answer was simple, “There’s no other feeling than excelling at your passion”. To fulfill that long dreadful journey makes it so worth it in the end, even though during the process there are excuse voices in your head to tell you otherwise. Squash that; quickly! Those are voices that come up and tell you that you are wasting your time. 

Keep working in the night. Go to work tired. Let doubters tell you the reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Let them tell you how hard it is. Work through the night while they are out partying, drinking, watching television, and being entertained. You are a producer and that takes being awake and not being entertained. Stay in the dark, because what is done in the dark comes to light. Ask J.K. Rowling!

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