The Holiday Drag!

I’m sure like me everyone was super excited about Thanksgiving. It’s the first official holiday where we kick off the cold season and everyone tries their best to get out of working the entire week. All of those miles to be traveled. All of that food that needs to be cooked. And wham! The next thing you know…it’s Sunday afternoon and the countdown to get back to work has begun. The clock waits for no man or woman and it is almost that time again to get that coffee popping and the pondering of working out to take flight in your mind all over again. Some like to hit the gym after Thanksgiving and others just “hold off” until the New Year.

My holiday personally was a lot of fun and gave me some time to take a breather from all of the hustle and bustle that comes along with a regular work schedule. I’m glad my career affords me the opportunity to take the holiday weekend off, because I can remember some jobs where I would be right back at work the day after the holiday and it really felt like there was nothing to celebrate. I couldn’t stay up late with the kids and to spend quality time with my wife was very short lived. So it was back to looking forward to the weekend all over again .

I had so many things that I just knew that I was going to get done, since I had all of this extra time on my hands. But when it came down to what was really important; it was time to put work to the side. I don’t regret it one second either. It was nice to do the things that I normally didn’t do all of the time with the kids. We had a chance to make it to the movies and laugh together, eat some great home cooking, and watched tons of football.

Now that all of those things were done non-stop, I’m thinking of ways to rebound from what was and to get back on track. As a human being we are not designed to just sit and be idle. We are designed to do great work in the world with the time that we have. I can only sit on the couch for so long and after awhile I get bored with the remote control flickering it over and over again. After awhile the entire network of channels looks like it is just nothing but reality television! Thank God I am a sports fan, because this week was packed with it. I have to stretch my back every so often and I can’t even stand the look of food at this point. There was just a lot to take in that I shouldn’t have done. I guess the older that you get the more moderate you realize you can be.

As the hour wanes by I am thinking about getting myself back to work, hitting the gym, and helping out with homework. I know there are a lot of you out there who would rather be working as well. It’s just something about being on a normal schedule, some created discipline, and the demeanor of having things in order. I couldn’t imagine being rich, because after a while I am sure that I would have bought everything I ever wanted in the first month and then look forward to dying, because I would just be too bored. When at work I am usually complaining how I want the day over with. But, the reality is I would just be wishing my life away. So I have taken steps to enjoy the week and not just the weekend. Besides, hoping for the weekend just brings one closer to Monday. So what would you think if you were able to get yourself to enjoy the entire week? I used to think that Christmas wasn’t right unless I got a lot of toys, but I have quickly learned that it is about enjoying the time that God has given me and loving those that have crossed my path one way or the other.

2 thoughts on “The Holiday Drag!

  1. thewritingreverend says:

    Paulette thanks for staying tuned in with the blog and being another one of the faithful readers that keeps it growing! Be on the lookout this winter. It will be a three book release to fill the appetite of all of my readers!

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