Scary to Die

I was watching Sports Center and I had the pleasure to watch an emotional John Wall during a post game interview. You can read the article here. I heard the announcement and unfortunately my second grader son overheard the news as to why the emotion.

Mr. Wall dedicated his game to a six year that died of cancer yesterday. This news just crushes anyone that has a soul and for any parent it could shake you to the core. It makes me think of my children all of the time. But back to my second grader. He gasped, “Wait a minute. A six year old died of cancer? Did that really happen?” My wife and I both wanted to lie so bad, but we knew that we would have had a guilty conscience for days to come

“Yes, it is true,” replied my wife.

“Well, that’s just terrible,” he shot back folding his arms. “It must be scary to die. Isn’t it? I want to live forever.”

The response was definitely thought provoking. I could have went into my whole theologically spectrum of how no one would really want to live forever. Or, I could have been a little more philosophical as to the older one gets the more glorified death is to a degree. But, I just let it go and maybe it was a missed opportunity. But, it was good to have a child throw my mind for a little bit. In fact I always encouraged it. Talking to adults all day really makes my brain shrivel, because most of us really think we are just in our finite wisdom. In other words “stuck on stupid”.

Is it scary to die? I guess I would feel more for the people that I would leave behind as opposed to being scared for myself. Most people are scared of the unknown; which is why it baffles me for someone to force themselves to think that God doesn’t exist. I know all of the “atheists” want to jump on me, but I know how to handle non-believers.

Living forever is something that I definitely wouldn’t want to do. All of the bills, headaches, pains, and aches. My belief system tells me that we live in a fallen world.  After looking at the news every evening how could I deny it? By the time I’m 200 years old all of my friends would be gone and if I think my kids’ music is bad now; what would I think after a few generations. Wisdom could still be there, but my brain would be beyond rusty. I don’t want to walk around with dementia all the time. It’s quite embarrassing. I’ve had the unfortunate blessing of watching an elderly man use the bathroom in his drive after getting the newspaper. Yes he will be a character in one of my new books. Living forever sounds great, but I would rather be born again and live my life as a new in the spirit after I am done here on Earth. Scary to Die? I guess it depends on your perspective. But, there is absolutely nothing wrong with living with the fear of the Lord.

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