Is Cable Really Necessary?

I have been thinking lately of all of the distractions that keep infiltrating American lives. The endless flood of social media apps. The endless nuances of cell phone use. And more cable channels than I could have ever remembered having as a kid in New Jersey.

I did a personal inventory of myself and I learned that what I pay for cable is just not worth it. I mean, this thing is really in the triple digits on a consistent basis. I love working and to be honest there is no reason for me to have all of these cable channels. I can remember I cut it off before years ago with no alternative in sight. So that meant that there was nothing but a blank screen sitting in my apartment, because there was no way that I could get the basic channels like I used to. Whatever happened to that? I guess the antennas had to take effect. But, me and my arrogance felt that I had retired from antennas and there was no way that I was going back.

Fast forwarding to the future there are just too many cheaper alternatives out there. Unfortunately, I am an avid sports fan like most Americans and I can’t help but stay up to date with all of the sports gossip and the latest trades that seem to happen more and more frequently in the world of social media. I just can’t help myself. I played sports, it’s a staple of entertainment for me in the midst of ridiculous reality tv shows. But, it I have made amends and have decided that it is finally time to cut the cord. I am spoiled with DVR since I can’t watch commercials anymore and Direc TV just won’t cut it anymore with all of the outages that I hear about when it rains outside. I have never tried them and don’t think that I ever will. If I am going to pay for something…it better work period.

After some grueling research and some help from the endless holiday commercials. I have come to learn that I was overwhelmed by all of the alternatives out there. There was Amazon Fire TV. Then there was Roku. Then there was Google Chromecast. A lot of these came with some viable options such as HBO, HULU and even Sports Center! That’s all I need.

I was thinking that if I wanted to really watch something live. It would definitely give my wife and I an excuse to go out and watch it at a public venue. But what about you out there that love your favorite cable news channels and debates. Duh…PODCASTS. I tend to like those a lot myself, because I can skip commercials and I can stay up to date all day at work. Not to mention that I can exercise as I listen to my podcasts and they are FREE! After calculating what I needed to do I have found that I can save well over $2400 for the year! Easily something that could go towards paying something off and still having something left over.

My next rant will be about these crazy cell phones! No wonder people had more money in the 80’s!

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