So…this book I’m reading about…introverts

Today was one of the hot and hazy humid days that I was dreading. Not because of the bright sun and blue skies. It’s because I suffer from severe allergies. Some people just sneeze and are able to shake it off. But, me? If I have the time I call off from work. Although today I was in luck, because I completed some major projects for Kroger, Jack in the Box, and Raising Cane’s. So my Friday was another no stress day. I really love my job and I’m sure that I could always get paid more, but I believe that would ring true for most Americans. For whatever reason, we just have to spend more than we make as a country.

I played on my phone and looked through all of the Netflix lists that I created and thought about the next business venture that I would open up in the coming months; and decided to do something that I loved to do all of my life…read a non-fiction book. The title of it is QUIET:THE POWER OF INTROVERTS IN A WORLD THAT CAN’T STOP TALKING. If you are an introvert or know anyone who is, it is a must read. As soon as I saw the title and reviews I was hooked! I used to to think that me and a couple of my kids were weird, because we were comfortable being loners. Simply a myth. In fact, most of the world are introverts, but force themselves to act as extroverts. Some signs that you are probably an introvert:

1. You view things more analytically

2. You don’t have time for small talk all the time: in fact you are mostly annoyed by people who just like to chatter about things that really don’t matter in the world. As introverts, we would rather talk about philosophy and ideas that have a deeper meaning; instead of arguing over who spilled the soda!

3. You have a greater sympathy and empathize more. It’s more of a gift and you everyone thinks you are the best person in the world, simply because you don’t just listen…but knows HOW to listen. It’s funny sometimes of how I hardly say anything in my counselings and my client thinks that I’m the best person in the world.

4. Whenever you get done at a huge gathering of people such as a party, church, or work meetings; you feel the need to take a nap or get away from everyone when you get home.

5. You are not the best arguer in the world. Simply, because you have too much reasoning to engage in stupidity with others.

6. The most energizing part of your day is early in the morning or late at night; when most of the world is quiet.

7. You are cautious and think things through, before they happen. As opposed to just going and thinking on the run, when it’s too late

The book has answered so many questions for me since growing up. My dad and my friends always wondered why I wasn’t so outgoing and leading from the front all of the time. I guess they just weren’t as knowledgeable about the subject. For whatever reason, us introverts are so good at attracting introverts.

For people who look from the outside in it could be viewed as an extrovert leading the way, but at most times they are relying on the introverts to be the brains of the operation. The world is trained to look up to a Muhammad Ali and look down on an Albert Einstein. It’s just another one of those fallacies of the training of what good leadership is. The best leadership is demonstrated by example. Introverts love to do. We’re more like the Barry Sanders and Tim Duncans of the world. Don’t need to be outspoken, because we already know our value.

Introverts will probably never be hired as CEO’s, the next General, the new reality TV star; but we could be sure that the world will have a new type of cell phone or tablet in the near future.

So if you are an introvert and everyone tells you to amp it up at the family barbecue, don’t sweat it. Just let them know you are comfortable in your own skin and you are thinking about doing bigger things in the world. And tell them check out this video.

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