Some Weekends Are for Home

There once was a time where I couldn’t imagine being inside of a house more than three hours on a weekend. I run so much during the week and once Friday comes around all I want to do is just do the thing that I couldn’t do all week long and just relax.

I’ve learned that the perfect recipe to being unproductive and not getting anything done on Mondays is due to thinking like the end of the weekend doesn’t exist. A new practice that I have started is to use my Saturdays; during the day to prepare for the week that I have coming up. And that will vary on certain weeks. One week I may iron all of my clothes for the week and have them washed to include gym clothes for after work. Another week, it may consist of creating the grocery list for all of the kids and what lunch meals I will have. Or, it could be as simple as creating my workouts online for the entire week.

This past weekend was somewhat unique. All I did was hook up my Roku TV, sat back, and learned a learned some new skills that are relevant to my profession. If there is any way that I can cut out the middle man in any business practice; I want to learn how to do that. It was somewhat of a challenge since my wife and I are raising 7 children; it’s not always the most conducive environment. It gave me so much more to look forward to and if anyone knows me well enough they know that I love technology and providing resources.

So I watched some YouTube videos on designing book covers and ways to create book trailers with the lowest amount of money possible. I made some great progress and wish I could get paid to learn this stuff, but every step takes more than a little bit of time to master. Instead of spending my hard earned money that I made all week, I learned how to make more money. I think this was a much better alternative than figuring out ways to spend my money.

On to more of what I did during the weekend I hooked up my Bose speakers, turned on some live concerts and had a blast! I haven’t watched You tube like that since it’s inception. With that gap it made it all the more “new”.  It really was nice to not run myself crazy to every store on a Saturday and run into everyone that has an attitude.

This is something that makes me more than happy that I was able to get some things done. There are more challenges that are here to come, but it like I always tell everyone else there are some things that can’t get done. Sometimes the house isn’t as quiet as I would like it to be, or there are some things that require more attention; then there is life that just throws a curve ball at you! But, if your goals are more focused on producing than consuming, you’ll be okay!

So if you find yourself struggling to get some things done during the week, try this…..stop talking to everyone and trying to catch up with the world and structure yours. It’s a huge world out there, put your foot in it and stop sitting by the wayside!

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