A Day Without Television…Not too Bad!

Thanks for visiting the page and checking out the new face lift. It was an experiment I did on Fiverr. They have some really good things on there and this was just one of the perks. With the internet there is literally always room to learn just a little more everyday. I can remember my principal telling me to my face in 1st grade to “learn something new everyday”. Then I heard my dad say it; so there must have been some truth to it. It’s not that I loved school and all of it’s standards of learning, but I did love learning. That’s why I could never go back to school or Barnes and Noble. Simply, because I will go broke! So before I go to bed I am always surfing the web on my iphone until I temporarily lose consciousness. Hey, some people read and some people surf the net. It all counts as reading, right?

Today was a little different. I came home from work, met my wife at the grocery, put gas in the car, and got home. So when I got home, I decided to take a breather and listen to some old school hip hop songs that I haven’t heard since high school. In case you’re wondering it was the 90’s. The last great decade; especially for hip hop. You know Nas, Biggie, Pac, Cube, Jay-Z, Pharcyde, Digable Planets, Tribe Called Quest, and Leaders of the New School. Okay enough of my frustration with today’s music and back to the point. The music I listened to was so rich in lyrical content and beats that I just had to do some type of workout. But, not before I gave my boys their haircuts. I’ve been cutting hair the last decade and I refuse to pay for a barber to do it with the prices that they charge today.

So then, I’m looking at 7:30pm already. What an evening and I was just getting started. But the energy was great and there was no way that I was going to be stopped. Workout. Check. Haircuts. Check. Wow. 8:30 already?!!! This is the time that I usually let myself go and let the television make background noise just for comfort. Sad, but true. For some reason today, things just took a different turn.

My thoughts on no television
1. I got a heck of a lot done
2. There was a lot of mail that I needed to pay attention to!
3. Squeezing in an intense 20 minute workout was not as big an issue as most nights
4. There was no time to be stagnant. Without being frozen by the set I realized that I really never have enough time to watch television
5. I almost feel like I need another job! Seriously, there is way more time in a day than you could ever imagine. Just cut out the crap and you’ll see.

Now it’s almost 10:00 and I am exhausted. Busy in a good way could pose a real great outlook on life the following day. Instead of looking forward to the weekend, I’m looking forward to the new that’s upon us! As I get older I want the time to slow down so that I can savor the gift of time that I have been given.

God Bless and I look forward to your comments.

5 thoughts on “A Day Without Television…Not too Bad!

  1. linda says:

    Wonderful short story!!!
    I finally downsized from cable
    Couldn’t do away entirely
    Well you Need internet these days. So now I am without BET JOB Tec and haven’t missed the EVE
    The money God has given me made me think.220 a month for triple play
    Well I don’t have all that tv carp but there are a lot of channels
    Then there OsOrIo. Thanks
    By the way Bill is now133.27 a month from 220
    That was more than my house and car insurance combined for a year
    # watching my dollars
    Don’t miss the channels
    Reading more
    Still got all 3. Phone internet and good TV

  2. Clifton Green says:

    I totally agree with you on this. I have cut cable a few months back and I’ve gotten off of Facebook for a few weeks now. It’s amazing how much you can get done in a day without all the “crap”. I was noticing that I was allowing all the negativity on Facebook to control my mood for the day. I don’t like drama and I feel Facebook has turned into drama central! The Internet is a powerful tool and I’ll keep searching and learning new things also. It keeps the mind young.

    1. thewritingreverend says:

      Clifton I totally agree. I call Facebook drama book now! There’s more than enough filth on there now that I keep deleting people daily. It’s great for business and family but not much else besides that. I get a lot of my television from podcasts and depending on your interests there is some great stuff out there. Nothing like listening to First Take on a commute home with no commercials.

  3. Tony R says:

    I so agree with you on that. Instead of watching tv I usually keep a list of things that I would like to accomplish at home. I have to work a lot of hours and I find that by keeping this list I am less focused on the lack of time that I have at home. As long as I get something done off of the list along with my side of the household chores I feel like I have accomplished something for me. Of course I also make it important to find time for my wife as well.
    Sometimes it is hard to do but if you get priorities in order, your right, you will be surprised at the time that you have been wasting.
    Good Post.
    Tony R

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